ISFuel Presentations

46th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference & Exhibit (July 28th 2010)

Special Panel on Energy & Fuel Presentation "New Direction In Fuel"
Presented by ISFuel Inc. President R.C. Knight

University of Memphis - International Freight Transportation Institute "Trucking Industry Roundtable" (Aug. 26 2010)

Presentation on alternative diesl fuel & production methods for supply security "Fuel Supply Security By Synthetic Fuel Production"
Presented by ISFuel Inc. President R.C. Knight

2010 Nose-to-Tail Emerging Technologies Symposium at the ExxonMobil Reno Airshow (Sept. 16 2010)

Emerging technology presentation "Synthetic Fuels and Lubricants from Fossils to the Future"
Presented by ISFuel Inc. Chief Technology Consultant Rolf Onjukka

NETL Presentation - W. V. Aug. 14 2009

Presentation presented to NETL. "Technology of Joint Synthetic Fuel" 

ISFuel Patents

JS-1 Formulation (Pending)

JS-1 Process (Pending)

 Additional Papers

Hydrogen or Syn Gas Production from Glycerol Using Pyrolysis and Steam Gasification Processes (PDF)

By Thiruchitrambalam Valliyappan - University of Saskatchewan
A Thesis Submitted to the College of Graduate Studies and Research in the Department of Chemical Engineering