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PLEASE DO NOT PAY THEM or send them your information. 

Integrated Synthetic Fuel Incorporated

 Mission Statement:

In order to sustain a secure future, fuel and the means of fuel production must be renewable, reliable and clean.

Only through leadership and committed excellence can a group strive to attain and develop the solutions required
to preserve an everlasting supply of fuel for the future.

Integrated Synthetic Fuel Incorporated is committed to the discovery and the successful production of the fuels required
for enhancing and preserving the fuel requirements for generation to come.

Mission Statement File

 Corporate Goals:

Fuel DevelopmentISF Inc. is currently working to develop a fuel that is 100% synthetic and passed all required properties for industry standards for diesel engine & turbine engine fuels.  This will allow for one fuel that can be used for both land and aircraft vehicles.

In addition to being a joint fuel, the desired formulation will also burn cleaner than current blends of traditional blends of jet fuel & diesel fuel.

Fuel Process Development

As our company develops the formulation for the next generation of joint synthetic fuel, we are careful to make sure that the processes required for the production of this fuel can meet or exceed current or future emission concerns for the atmosphere.

ISF Inc. is dedicated to process methods and feedstock blends that have a net neutral or negative impact on greenhouse gasses for fuel production, and fuel utilization.

 Fuel Production

Once we have developed our fuel & the processes required to produce the fuel, we will then move to developing the relationships required to start fuel production.  Our goal is to aid in the creation of a domestic fuel prodction from domestic feedstock with in the United States.

Additional Fuel Development Services

In addition to our internal fuel development efforts, we will also extend our research & development skills to other alternative fuel production companies that may required services we can provide.  While we are a compedative company, we also realize the need for joint efforts to secure a domestic supply of fuel.

Now A Member of CAAFI (Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative)

Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative

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